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Don’t Let Others Tarnish Your Good Name

The internet has brought an unlimited amount of information to our fingertips. The World Wide Web has become the top resource for people seeking information on any number of topics but how do you know the information is accurate. A growing number of people are finding that ugly rumors are being spread about them by jilted lovers or jealous coworkers and they are wondering how to fight back.

There is no spell check for the accuracy of the information included in a blog post or web article and often times the source of the material is very difficult to track down. Trying to control the negative information can be extremely frustrating and that is why many people are going to professional reputation management companies for help.

Reputation Management is a growing field which just started to get attention a few years ago. Recognizing the need to counter hateful and unfair information distributed on the web, these reputation management firms help people and companies fight back. A variety of techniques are used to remove negative information and distribute positive information that will show you or your company in a more favorable light.

What these companies do first is gather as much information as possible from the web about you. Whether it be internet articles, blog posts or Facebook updates they will put together a complete file of everything being said or written. Where there is inaccurate information they will go to the operators of the site to have it removed but that is not always possible. If the post can’t be extracted the companies will work to get it buried in the Google search engine results so most people will never see it.

Reputation Management will also work to get more positive information about you out on the internet. The good things will be written in a way that the search engines are more likely to pick it up and give it a high priority on the results list. Managing your reputation is critical in today’s world because of the speed with which damaging information can spread across the globe. As billionaire Warren Buffet says “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”