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is the authority site for Reputation Management.
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Reputation Management Can Bring Back Your Good Name

Google your name and you may be shocked at what comes up. Photos posted on other people’s blogs or comments in chat rooms may put you in a bad light. The party picture could send people the wrong impression or perhaps someone who doesn’t like you is just trying to spread lies; either way it is damaging information that could affect you personally and professionally.

It is no secret that potential employers go to the internet to check out prospective employers, so how can you make sure that the information out there is accurate and shows you in a positive light. Reputation management is a growing field with new companies popping up almost every day. These firms will monitor information about you on the worldwide web and will work to control what is being written.

First the reputation management company will try and make the negative information go away. Representatives will work on your behalf with sites like MySpace and Facebook to remove material that is inaccurate or offensive. The company will also work to make sure that anything that cannot be removed will be buried in the results of a Google search. Rarely, does anyone go past the first few pages of a Google search so the aim is to push the bad information to the back pages and move the good stuff forward.

Reputation Management companies will also work with you to distribute positive information about you and your career on the internet. They are skilled at setting up blogs and distributing articles that optimize the use of search engines. Through their efforts you can be sure that the first thing people find when they search your name is something flattering that will impress potential employers. A bad reputation could mean lost opportunities and on your own you might never find out why people have reservations about hiring you.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it.” Make sure you keep up to date on what is being said and written about you; nothing is more important than your own good name.